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Xara Seaside Restaurant: New destination for sea enjoyment in Krini.
(Xara or Hara or Chara is a Greek word and the meaning is Joy, Exhilaration and Happiness)

Thessaloniki is a city that has always lived in the lap of the sea. And its inhabitants from one end of Thermaikos to the other were accustomed to spend their summers on the coast, to take a bath and immediately afterwards to enjoy an ouzo by the beach. What you have seen, if you are younger, in dozens of Greek movies, that is, in these seaside resorts, with the salty on the face of people, carefree by the summer breeze dining with seafood, laughter circling the tables, a dream come true again in a landscape taken from a movie.

Here the property in the fifties belonged to the famous Karadimos. An urban family of the city, with two children, one a doctor and the other a dealer in expensive carpets. A beach and a campsite were created here and the first sea baths of the fifties operated, says Charilaos. The eye falls on the small cabins that are rescued and in which swimmers changed clothes, at the point where the old platform was diving into the sea.
A refreshment room for cool oranges in the yard and a gifted life. Later it became the seaside tavern created by Giannis Mavromatidis. A mythical tavern on the sea where visitors enjoyed its ouzo and fish. Xara, the tavern that drank his last beers the night before George Polk was assassinated in May 1948. Mavromatidis created and has reached to this day one of the most popular hangouts on the shore.

Twenty minutes from the city center, at the end of Krini, before the Equestrian Club, in a place reminiscent of holidays.

The table begins to fill with appetizers. Nice white tarama, homemade fava, thrapsalo with lemon zest, spices and mayonnaise dips, nice grilled fresh shrimp with lemon oil and spice cream, steamed mussels with garlic and lemon.

The garden of Xara smells of musk. All green and all taken care of. A little paradise. The renovation was done with absolute respect and the materials chosen for the setup tied in perfectly with the new bohemian style of our time that came to fit wonderfully into the straw of the chair of the fifties. Colors and lanterns run through the courtyards and give the tempo of the beauty you need without any exaggeration by the sea.

People smile crossing the threshold. A new destination has been born there at the end of the beach of Kalamaria and word of mouth is becoming an urban secret for sharing. A fish tavern more elevated than the old ones, with the current aesthetics of the space and the food. With warmth, pergolas, openness to the eye and nice dishes that you do not pay a fortune to try.

In Xara Seaside Restaurant you will definitely try the Voggoles with the white assyrtiko, the mushroom and seafood risotto, you will worship the crayfish barley.

You will dip your bite in her sahanakia and bougiurdi and you will soothe your palate in a fish soup of fish of the day. Do not skip pumpkin meatballs.

Valerian salads, dakos, the joy with lettuce and cod, beetroot with thyme and yogurt sauce with walnut, orchard with all the good things of the garden and of course kritama for fanatics. Anchovies and lacquer must.

In the fish the rina and the galeos in steamy versions ideal for diving and the cod with the batter meze senio for your tsipouro. The boats catch on the shore early in the morning bringing beautifully fried bay stumps while the large fish of the fish ladder are masterfully cooked by grilled scientists.

It has nice spirits and selected sea bream and ouza. A selection of wonderful Greek vineyards in white and red.

This summer, paradise next to our city is waiting for us in Krini! You will leave with a nice smile having enjoyed the sun setting in Thermaikos and admitting that life is nice.
Xara Seaside Restaurant



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