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Plagia tou Mpelles
On the slopes of Mpelles, at the point "Pouliana" where the kids used to fly kites, they played ball and all kinds of games while the older ones run the May Day to "catch May" and right next to "Keramidaka" where Dimitris Pavlou took the red soil to make tiles, we designed and created a beautiful area overlooking Lake Kerkini.

At Ano Poroia, between the foliage of the trees and the blossoming flowers, made of nature's materials - cypress and stone - the taverna "Plagia tou Mpelles" will delight you both with its exquisite flavors and its unique surroundings and friendly prices!!!



Ano Poroia, Serres. There are many who believe that Ano Poroia is the most beautiful village in the country. Their arguments are about graphical view and position. It lies in an incredible natural beauty, at the foot of Mount Belles and very close to Lake Kerkini. The Turks who used to have their old cottages here used to call it Little Constantinople.

The fresh air, the beauty, the climate was also the reason why doctors treated people with tuberculosis to spend a few days in Ano Poroia. The settlement is at an altitude of 400 meters. Its typical Macedonian mansions overlook the lake valley.

Breathe in as deep as you can the fresh air that carries through the forest and the abundant water that flows generously everywhere from the heart of the earth, from various points, creating small different streams.

From the village square start all the marked trails for exploring the mountain. The trails cross the forest with plane trees, giving way to beech forests. You will also see many other tree species such as maple, fir and black pine.

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