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Drivago Rent a Car has been active in the car rental industry since 2016.

With several years of experience, Drivago offers its customers comprehensive, safe and reliable services.
A large, constantly expanding selection of vehicles to suit your needs is at your disposal.

Direct service: Free 24h delivery and collection service.
Safety and comfort: Large fleet of vehicles to meet your needs for safe transport.
Low prices: We guarantee the best prices without hidden charges and offer special deals for all vehicle types.

Drivago Rent A Car, Thessaloniki
Drivago Rent A Car, Thessaloniki, Car Categories

Why Rent a Car?

Save Wear on Your Car
Rather than take your auto on the highway for a cross-country journey, consider renting a car for that next road trip! Rental car companies keep their cars in tip-top shape, with regular oil changes, and fully operating safety features.

Drive More Comfortable
Choose a car with a large trunk to hold all your luggage or enough passenger room for you and your whole family. There’s nothing worse than trying to pack everyone into a sub-compact car for a ten-hour trip!

A True Test Drive
Have you been thinking about buying that new car? Rather than just getting the five minutes around the block with a dealer panting in your ear about all the great features of your potential new ride, take it for a weekend trip. Get to know what you are getting into. Car rental deals make it affordable to try before you buy, and some car rental companies even sell cars. Take it out on the highway for a trip, see how it feels to drive in rush hour traffic. Learn the quirks for a few days, rather than finding out that there is that one thing that you find completely annoying after you buy.

Private Day Trips

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