ONOMA Hotel has a smart luxury living theme in Thessaloniki and offers personalized experiences throughout the stay of guests. Facilities of the ONOMA Hotel include the “Good Mood Food” restaurant, the “Street Art” bar, the “Cloud” rooftop bar and pool, the “Homework” meetings and events rooms and the urban green “Backyard”.
We have designed a groundbreaking living place that will provide guests personalized services and features tailored completely to their needs. OΝΟΜΑ is the Greek word for "name" and consequently is unique to every single one of us. This is the uniqueness we seek to offer at our hotel and aim for everyone to know this property’s name once having enjoyed its top-notch hospitality.

At the OΝΟΜΑ Hotel everybody can experience personalized smart living. From toddlers to baby boomers. Hipsters and millennials will also feel at home with our tech friendly services and well thought out amenities, as well as gluten free and vegan menus, game rooms and various special treats.

The hotel will offer personalized services to those who seek a more exclusive and interesting stay in the city. With younger generations gradually requesting more authentic, more local experiences, OΝΟΜΑ has come to cater to these needs.

In "Good Mood Food" restaurant you can taste vegan and gluten free options, from breakfast all through the day until night! Menu is being designed by renowned celebrity chefs and will offer the best local comfort and street food. You may also enjoy a personal cocktail, with your name on it, at "Street Art" bar or socialize in "Backyard" social place.

ONOMA Hotel in Thessaloniki consists of 83 rooms and 164 super comfortable beds to rest!


“We are very excited to launch our new hotel concept, OΝΟΜΑ Hotel. It will be the first of our new ‘ONOMA’ brand under Anatolia Hospitality,” Michael Chrysochoidis, CEO of Anatolia Hospitality

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