Climatemonuments | Climate change impact on the Ancient Greek Monuments

According to scientists who met recently in Athens, during a meeting concerning global warming, the climate change is having a serious impact on the Ancient Greek Monuments.

Acid rain, extreme weather swings (flash flooding, droughts), air pollution are eroding ancient marbles and taking a toll on ancient temples and walls.  

Professor Christos Zerefos during the conference on the “Impacts of Climate Change on Cultural Heritage: Facing the Challenge” underlined the importance of better shelter policies. In addition, he stressed the need for installing monitoring systems that can provide extra protection during extreme weather phenomena.

Ancient Greek Monuments such as the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion are facing the impact of extreme weather. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of other monuments, many of which UNESCO World Heritage Sites, that now face – besides the attrition due to time – the new threat is the climate change.

Various environmental groups are calling on the Greek state and political parties to take action urgently and declare the implementation of measures against global warming demanding a “climate emergency”.


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